Friday, March 09, 2012

Modern Day Etiquette or "How not to be a rude jerk"

I had originally intended today to continue my series on friendship (have no fear, it WILL continue), but today something caught my notice.  It's nothing new.  When working with the public, the lack of manners, common courtesy, and respect for others is glaringly obvious.  And this bugs me.  And since, hey, this is MY blog.. I am going to vent here.

Cell Phones
Everyone has one.  It's how we keep in touch.  Call, text, update your Facebook status, check the weather, local movie listings, find a recipe, all right there in your pocket.  Except.. people can't seem to leave it in their pocket.  I've often noticed a group of teenagers walking together, in a store or down the street.. and most of them are using their phones.  This shows such a disturbing lack of respect for those around you.  If you want to spend time with a friend, then PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY and spend time with them.  To me, when I am speaking with someone, and they pull out their phone, it says "You are unworthy of my attention."  
It is thoughtless, rude, and shows a decided lack of manners.  It is not a credit to you.  It does not make you look important, that you just have SO MUCH going on in your life that you can't put away your phone for 10 minutes.  It makes you look like a rude idiot.

I had a woman, just today, walk up to the deli, and without pausing in her phone conversation order hot food and sliced meat, and keep walking.  Really?  REALLY? Get over yourself.  What did people do in the grocery store before cell phones? Are you so incapable of face-to-face human interaction that you cannot interact with a real, live human being without hiding behind your phone?

When you're in a restaurant, turn your ringer off.  When I am having dinner with my husband, I do not want to hear Snoop Dogg blasting from the table behind me.  Learn some manners.

Other inappropriate places for cell phones:  Libraries, courthouses, funeral homes, offices of any sort (doctor, lawyer, etc.), churches, theaters.  

When you're checking out at the grocery store, don't talk on your phone, or text.  Working in public sucks bad enough without people actively refusing to acknowledge your existence.  Yes, that cashier really has to ask how you want your groceries bagged.  Yes, she really has to ask you if you found everything.  Learn some manners.

When you're talking to a friend, for the love of all that is good, put away your phone.  You are a jerk.  When we are having a conversation, don't get your phone out and start texting someone else.  Learn some manners.

Children in Public
Here's another one.  Teach your children manners.  I understand that if you're reading this, and think the above points were blasphemous that you, yourself, don't have any manners.  But work on it.  And teach your children manners.  Teach your kids how to act in public.  If your kid can't behave him or herself in a store, and runs around like a little heathen, put them in the cart.  Or better yet, leave them at home.  I have seen kids running around in a local store knock an elderly woman down.  And when said children were escorted back to their mother (who was, shockingly enough, on her phone), she didn't seem to have a problem with it.  10 minutes later, they were back running around. Teach your kids to behave.  I can't do it for you.  Trust me, I would if I could.  Teach them how to act in a public place.  Teach them how to show courtesy and speak respectfully to others.  Bratty kids don't just grow out of it.  They are trained out of it.  It's all on you, parent or guardian.  

Well, now that I've got that off my chest....

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Tab said...

I agree, rudeness with cell phones and bratty children in public seem to be becoming more and more common. It is truly one of those things that makes life more unpleasant for everyone around them. Kinda like smoking right by the front door of Walmart. LOL