Thursday, February 18, 2010

P.S. I'm a horrible habit maker

Yeah.. not so great at remember to blog. But it will come!.. I hope.

Anywho, this evening's post comes to us courtesy of a great book I want to talk up, that I just finished reading.

This one:

This Book is Overdue

It's a story of librarianism (Is that a word? It is now) in the digital age. Interesting, informational, and funny. As an online librarian myself, I found it to be quite informational and interesting. I learned things that I can apply personally to my work, and things that I never knew existed. (Libraries on Second Life? Really?)

I would recommend it to anyone in the profession, as well as those just interested in learning more about how libraries are still functioning and more vital than ever in a time when the paper and ink book seems to be taking a back burner. Read it, Love it.